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IHDE-Candles, Germany

Here is a text that we have received by mail. The client has listed all the questions so well-structured that we just show the entire correspondence.


Dear Sir or Madam,

we have received the wax.

1.  How much preliminary lead time will we need before starting to dunk our hands in?

Please just try it! The wax must be completely liquid but as cool as possible. How long this lasts depends on the heating. I guess the fastest way is to liquify the wax completely at a very high temperature in order to let it cool afterwards until it reaches the optimal temperature. As soon as it has the right temperature, simmer it over very low flame to keep this temperature.

2.  How much degrees needs the boiler so that the wax melt completely?

 See above. Extremely hot until everything is liquid. Then you can let it cool.

3  Do I have to stir it in between?

 Yes, feel free to do so....

4.  Do we have to reduce the temperature to 50 degrees or even less after the wax has melted completely?

I would recommend to reduce the temperature as soon as a film clearly forms on the surface. The film does not influence the pouring!


5.  How long does it last until the wax has the right temperature for dipping our candles?

 30-60 min? It has reached the ideal temperature for dipping your candles as soon as a film has formed.

5  .Is one allowed to dip one’s waxed hand into water in order to cool it a bit faster?

 In principle, yes. But this has as disavantage that the layers won’t cling that well to each other.


6.  If water drops come into the pot in which my wax is, will this affect negatively the following steps?


7.  How much time does it take until we can take off our hands the finished wax gloves?

 Some minutes time. It depends on how thick your wax gloves are.

8.  Why isn’t it possible to call you by phone (or that you maybe call back) in order to ask such questions? It seems quite rare and not very customer-friendly that it’s only possible to get in contact with you by mail.

 We have already offered this call service for a couple of months but unfortunatelly we couldn’t accompish the organization. By mail, you just send us your questions when you have time for it and we aswer them as soon as we have time to do so. This is good for both of us!