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[Mottling techniques]

IHDE-Candles, Germany

With mottling varnish from you can treat the surface of the candle with the well-known technique. Like this you can reach a wonderful decor with very little effort.



Put the varnish carefully in drops on a water surface. This demands skill as the varnish drops drown quite easily! To facilitate the work you can thicken slightly the water with wallpaper paste. Both methods cause different optical effects.

The varnish drops can be curled up with a baton or a rough comb.

Now you have to turn the candle carefully on the surface of the prepared water.

Ready! If you used wallpaper paste you should now wash up the waste paste with water! After the candle has dried completely you can add high gloss candle varnish!


Before creating a new candle the water surface should be cleaned with a paper towel.